That’s what the N-I-N means! I thought it meant Nirvana or something.
My uncle

Saw Nine Inch Nails for the 5th time last night. It was incredible as always. Finally got to see them play Reptile. Best performance of The Great Destroyer I’ve ever seen, too. Can’t wait for the 6th time..



I saw hawthorne heights for the 4th time the other night. Met JT again. I shook his hand and told him he changed my life. It felt good.

really disappointing watching friends that used to claim edge throw their lives away

Worked 13 hours yesterday. Working about 14 today.
I don’t sleep much anymore.

The Vehicle Birth - We Need To Find The Girls

I’m so tired and I can’t sleep in this house. Did I learn anything today?

All I feel anymore is melancholy and depressed.