I lost my best friend today

RIP Little Kitty


really disappointing to see friends that used to say they were straight edge now posting pictures of themselves drinking with their friends on facebook.

funny how I never believed any of my friends that told me we’d be straight edge forever. At least I still am.

My cat has to be put to rest tomorrow. I don’t know what to do. She’s my best friend.

to do list:

micro pog
80’s fat cat (maybe?)
sunn cab for my coliseum bass
new speakers for other sunn
new road case


Some pictures from our show in Shreveport, Louisiana on 6/30/14
Photos by David Young

pictures from a show from the tour I was doing in the last 2 months.

the feeling of being forgotten is one of the worst things.

being back in spokane is very dull.

anyways, SEA OF BONES is really tight and if you haven’t heard them yet you should probably figure that shit out

spokane music is so disappointing. it always has been. anywhere else a Gilead band would get a good turn out, but then they come to Spokane and 10 people show up. that’s why those bands don’t come back.

at least we all bought records though?